Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Late Colonial Ladies' Jacket

Here's the first jacket I made from JP Ryan's jacket pattern. It is size 8 and I halved the seam allowances so I got just a little more room in it. Reproduction cotton print fabric. I'll have to get more pictures close up at some point . . . I did the late century sleeves and pin closed front. I've since put trouser hooks and eyes on the front to make it easier to get on and off. Off white linen handkerchief. Sorry no cap or hat at this point. Also the petticoat is made from heavy cotton damask and is the first one I made for myself with an actual waistband instead of the drawstring. I love it! I had to put 2 buttons on it (you know, some days are skinnier than others), but the overlap on the side is enough that it doesn't matter which button I use.

1 comment:

  1. Angela -
    Your work is beautiful! And, what an inspiration.
    Is it possible the above photo of you (in your J.P. Ryan jacket) was taken at the Rendezvous at Fort Bridger, Wyoming? The surroundings look familiar, as my husband and I attend every year. I love the event mostly because of the unique historical clothing - such as yours.
    Angela from Arkansas (moved from Utah just recently and want to go back to Utah with all the wonderful LDS people)