Friday, January 2, 2009

Caraco Jacket

Here's a Caraco Jacket I made for me last spring from a JP Ryan pattern. A knee length jacket popular in late colonial/revolutionary era--1780's-ish. I almost love it. If I had a bigger bust it would fit perfectly, however as I have almost nothing, it kind of falls off my shoulders. I love the fabric--it is made from curtains, and is so versatile with maroon, blue, green, tan in it--it matches almost all my petticoats. I have 2 more curtain panels, so will probably make myself another caraco with some revisions so I will like the fit better, then ebay this one. It is old fashioned size 8 (approx 3-4 nowadays), 100% cotton, lined and has the covered buttons and polonaise loops so it can be worn down or polonaised. Worn over shift and stays. Very elegant.
First picture I am dressed proper, caraco polonaised with my linen handkerchief (neckerchief in modern terms). (I really don't like most pictures of me, so most times you'll just get pics of the clothes.)
Same view, no handkerchief and not polonaised.
Back views, first two polonaised, third not.And finally a front view in the not polonaised style. It needs one more hook/eye at the bottom of the false stomacher that I just didn't get around to sewing on yet . . .


  1. You sneaky girl! When did you start this blog? I love your rendezvous clothes, just glad I don't have to wear them. They suit you much better!

  2. Ha ha, you're funny--I took the pictures that night you came over. The blog hasn't been up long and won't be updated much, just when I'm working on something . . . I guess in July right before we go when I go into a sewing frenzy.

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